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Design for Change UK

Former Year 2 children carried out a project with Mrs Hopkins as part of Design for Change UK inspired by Kiran Bir Sethi, the founder and director of the Riverside School in India, where staff challenge the way they have been doing things and look for new ways to engage and empower children, fundamentally ensuring that the children are listened to and lead change in their communities.


It was a fun activity to do which helped the children to really think about what bothered them in their community, what they wanted to change and how they were going to change it, and all in just 1 week! They all loved doing this project because they completely designed it and carried it out themselves with just a little bit of help from the teacher and everyone played their part!


The project began when they decided that litter in the Queens Road Recreation Park upset them and made a plan of what they were going to do to make the change to this problem affecting their community. They then went on a litter pick with their teacher. When they got back to class and sorted the litter they were amazed at what they found including lots of plastic, bags, sweet wrappers, crisp packets, paper, food and even found a broken skate board! They then decided to make lots of big posters and their own bins out of old buckets to put in the park to help people so they did not throw their litter on the ground. It was then that the great catchy title for the project was created: THINK BEFORE YOU THROW!




A few representatives of the class that worked on the Design for Change project posing by the bin they worked so hard for.


Meanwhile at home with the help of parents, they all had to decide where to put up their posters made at school and make their own litter bins. Some were put in front of their homes and others in more carefully selected locations such as a shop in North Camp and inside the Army Camp! They wanted to make a big difference and make it easier for people to throw their litter away in bins and not on the floor! They advertised their campaign in the newspaper and on the radio and everyone began to notice the colourful home-made bins on the school run!


Finally they decided that they could not solve the problem alone and wrote a long letter to Andy Ford at the Rushmoor Borough Council explaining their dilemma and asking him if they could have an extra bin installed at the park and he said......YES!!!! It has taken 10 months but he kept his promise and here it is! No ordinary bin!

Design for Change - South Farnborough Infant School - Litter Campaign.

Class 2S South Farnborough Infant School Litter Campaign