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Eco friendly measures

Reducing Energy Consumption 


Over the past six years we have been working really hard to find ways to become as eco friendly as we can here at South Farnborough.  From sensor taps in the cloakrooms, LED lights across the whole school, insulation in the loft spaces to ensure maximum efficiency of our new heating system and no waste, our new boiler has reduced our energy consumption by 40% compared to recent years!  We also have clever reflective sun pipes in the corridors, energy monitoring, eco friendly cleaning, waste watch and recycling initiatives and toilet twinning with countries where toilets are hard to come by.  We are very proud to have some of our eco friendly measures sponsored by local donations and grants secured including Fluor and TAG (Farnborough Airport Community Environment Fund).

We became 100% LED across school in 2013 - classrooms, cloakrooms, corridors, staff room and hall, thanks to a grant from Awards For All, and funding from Ashden and Hampshire County Council.  These lights have sensors so they will come on and go off when required and have remote controls - easy for everyone, especially as we have moved the remote controls down low for the children to be able to reach.  We will see the financial and environmental benefits for these for years to come.

The Harmony Heroes carry out a Green Walk at the beginning of each year to look for improvements  needed.  They also invented a creative way to monitor energy at playtimes  They use green milk bottle tops, awarding each year group with green tops for lights turned off.  The staff room and  dining staff are also included in this monitoring routine.  The children count up the bottle tops at the end of each week and feed this back in Friday's assembly.  They award a trophy with their mascot - Footprint the penguin - to the best area of school.

Concerns had been raised about doors being left open at playtimes, wasting heat energy and the number of computers left or or standby when they are not being used.  These issues have been addressed with rainbow PVC curtains on all exterior doors and the computers fall asleep when they are left unused.  We also have timer switches on all of our iPads and netbook charging trolleys and have reduced the charging time significantly.

Our state of the art kitchen installation caused a massive 60% rise in our energy as well as the introduction of universal school meals.  We are addressing this with separate energy monitoring and working with HC3S, who manage our kitchen, making sure the applicances are as low energy as possible.

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Renewable Energy 


Meanwhile insulation has been installed into all of our roof spaces to ensure maximum efficiency of our new heating system and no waste, our new boiler has reduced our energy consumption by 40%.

BREAKING NEWS!!! After months if not years of exploring the opportunities of Solar PV on our roof, and much disappointment when the schemes we had pursued were unsuccessful, we are VERY happy to be sharing some excellent news.  With the support of Hampshire County Council and Solar Century we have now installed a new Solar PV system on our school, reducing our impact on the local environment and demonstrating our full commitment to a sustainable future for generations to come.



We are always looking for new funding opportunities and donations for our good green causes, if you can offer any donation however big or small, it would be gratefully received by us and our World.  Watch this space to see where our next adventures will take us ...