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Who are the Class Reps


Class reps were introduced in September 2013 to help improve the two way communication between parents and the school. The class reps will help pass on information, reminders about school activities and fundraising and will organise some social events such as the class cake sales.


However, please bear in mind that the class reps will not know the answer to every query, but will find out where possible.

Any personal or school related queries MUST go straight to school staff.



EY Miss Robinson (Ducklings)  
  Mrs Lambert (Pufflings)  
  Mrs Parkes / Mrs Hopkins (Cygnets)  
  Miss Gleadow (Goslings)  


Y1 Mrs Kerner / Mrs Coleman (Robins) Janine Holland                                 
  Mrs Carson (Starlings) Jo Young, Anna Mullen, Laura Terry & Esther Forward
  Mrs Smith (Skylarks Rachel Smith & Rachel Harriet Chapman
  Mrs Hoare (Swifts) Abi White


Y2 Miss Cootes (Red Kites)

Katrina McHugh & Allie Skipper Butler                                                           

  Mrs Darnell / Mrs Toop (Barn Owls) Cat Shackleton
  Mrs Paintin / Mrs Bagshaw (Sparrow Hawks) Maud Renooji & Nicky Davison