We hope all our children and their families have a wonderful half term break - be safe and enjoy the sunshine! We will see you back in school on Wednesday 7th June.

South Farnborough Infant School

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South Farnborough Infant School

Home Page

Staff Organisational Chart



Mr A. Peaple


Designated Safeguarding Lead


Mrs C. Smith

Assistant Headteacher

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead 




Mrs W. Parkes (Cygnets)
Year Group Leader Early Years
LSA - Ms L. Clarke


Mrs C. Smith / Mrs Darnell (Pufflings)
LSA - Miss E. Mayhew


Mrs C. Hoare (Ducklings)
LSA - Mrs A. Maynard (am)

LSA - Ms M. Willis (pm)

SNA - Miss L. Terry


EYs Team SNAs - Mrs L. Gunner (am) & Ms M. Willis (am)




Mrs D. Deans (Skylarks)
Year Group Leader Year 1 

LSA - Mrs G. Campling


Mrs R. Carson / Mrs C. Woods (Starlings)

LSA - Mrs S. Beckford


Mrs W. Nyman (Robins)

LSA - Mrs S. Philips


Year 1 Team SNA - Mrs Z. Kerner




Mrs V. Smith (Kestrels)

Year Group Leader Year 2

LSA - Mrs N. Lipscomb


Miss J. Gleadow (Barn Owls)

LSA - Mrs J. Moore


Mrs A. Paintin (Sparrow Hawks)

(Mrs T. Morris - Maternity Leave)

LSA - Mrs J. Flaherty


Mrs L. Coleman / Mrs L. Toop (Red Kites)

LSA - Mrs D. Ranola


Year 2 Team SNAs - Mrs R. Harley, Mrs C. Buckley, Mrs L. Gunner (pm)


PPA Teachers

Mrs E. Willcocks (Harmony & Sustainability Leader)

Mrs Z. Kerner (Fairtrade Leader)


SEN Team

SENCo and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs C. Woods

Senior Special Needs Assistant: Mrs J. Barlow

Special Needs Assistants: Mrs. C. Buckley, Mrs R. Harley, Mrs. L. Gunner,

Miss L. Terry, Mrs Z. Kerner

EAL: Mrs. L. Gunner

ELSA: Mrs D. Ranola

ELSA (trainee): Mrs S Philips

Lunch time SNA (social skills & sports clubs): Miss L. Merkel



Administration Manager: Mrs A. Bailey Admin Officer: Mrs L. Cobbett 

Admin Assistant: Mrs S. James   ICT Assistant: Mrs J. Loder



School Chef: Mrs N. Douglas

Assistants: Mrs S. Larbey, Miss L. Benton, Miss R. Noyes



Caretaker: Mr A. Malla

Cleaners: Mrs P. Rana, Mrs Jamuna Limbu, Mrs Nar K. Limbu (YBC)


Lunchtime Supervisory Team

Senior Supervisory Assistant: Mrs R. Harley

Ms C. Krüger, Mrs R. Wyatt, Mrs S. Beckford, 

Mrs P. Neill, Mrs A. Maynard, Mrs G. Campling, Ms M. Willis

Mrs S. Walters, Mrs C. Baker